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Stories from the Road: The Story of the Unwell Piano

Once upon a time inside the Dahlonega (Ga.) General Store, an upright piano sat. Lamps and other knickknacks were plopped atop the cabinet, baskets were stored underneath the keyboard, and various walking sticks stood or leaned against its side.

It was a sad sight. Made even worse for this instrument, it wasn't feeling well.

I'm guessing it was because it had been set aside and used for little more than a furniture used to display other items for sale.

However, this little piano had no price tag. Apparently, no one wanted it. Notes hadn't been heard from its sounding board for who knows how long. It longed to have its ivory and ebony keys stroked; its strings hammered. Alas, a keyboard cover kept anyone from playing it.

The loneliness and the burden of carrying the load for others items to be sold became too much. The piano was not feeling well.

As much as I wanted to bring some sort of joy to this piano by playing it, I knew it was not possible. More so, if the piano really was in poor condition and I broke it further, I knew there was no way to pay for it. But, what! What could I do to make the poor piano feel better?

Then I thought of what to do. Buy it a "Get Well" card. Now, I knew it couldn't solve everything, but perhaps this could bring this "Ole 88" a little bit of joy.

Card purchased, of course I had to personalize it. So, I wrote the following

Dear Piano, I'm sorry you are not feeling well Maybe a good tuning will help or replacement of your strings will help. I hope some day, you will make music again, Your pal, Mark

I don't know if it will help the sad, unwell piano. But, I thought, if it knew someone cared that it wasn't well, it could make a difference.

I'm just one person, but I can do something to make a day brighter

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