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Stories from the Road: Singing Harmony in a World That Sings Melody

The scene from a few years took place in my car. Still on her learner's permit, my youngest daughter was practicing her driving on I-77 in Surry County, NC, as we returned from a family vacation. Per family rules, because she is the driver, she picked the music. While that was playing her music over the car's audio system, I heard her singing. She was singing along, not with the melody, but a harmony she heard in her head. And it was a harmony that fit well. I listened and I know this is the child of her mother and I. Anyone can sing "along" with the melody. She chooses to sing "with" the melody and finds her own voice to fit into the world. She is not looking to conform, but to compliment with her unique contribution.

It is who she is. In that moment, and as I thought through the scene at the time, I was, and continue to be, extra proud of my daughter.

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