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Stories from the Road: The Time a Town Wished Us Happy Anniversary

In June 2019, my wife and I did a "coin flip" trip for our 35th anniversary.

The idea of the trip is simple: take a coin from home, have a pair of options, flip it and take the option the coin gives you. Once you get to that stop, flip again and so on.

We've done this twice and added the rules of no freeway, no chain restaurants and no radio, so as to actually engage with each other.

This particular trip got us as far north as Gallipolis, Ohio, just over the border from West Virginia. We decided to tour the historic downtown section. It is a quaint, small-town setting with multicolored storefronts and a city park with a gazebo, really a lovely setting that feels like a throwback to a slower, simpler time.

In our walking, we came across the Colony Theater, built in 1937. It's been closed in recent years, but on that day in 2019, as we walked by, we saw the "Happy 35th anniversary" message on the marquee.

We thought, how awesome that the town would recognize us on our 35th. How did they even know we were coming? The coin only told us to go there an hour ago.

That's our story, and we're sticking to it.

The Colony Theater, Gallipolis, Ohio, June 2019.

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