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Stories from the Road: Musing about the Breakfast Potato

"Best breakfast potatoes in town", the sign at a local restaurant said, back when I was Ubering around Asheville a few years ago. It was from a place called "The Potato Wedge", (now out of business) and my thinking was, if your restaurant's name has potato in it, you better have the best breakfast potatoes in town.

But then, the sign got me to thinking about what constitutes a breakfast potato?

If you slice a potato and fry them length wise, a la french fries, it's considered a lunch or dinner food. But, if you grate potatoes and fry them, a la hash browns, it's considered a breakfast food. Cut them into a waffle shape and fry them, lunch food.

If you mash potatoes, lunch/ dinner. Fry that into a latke, breakfast.

If you dice boiled red potatoes, add some parley, garlic, butter, lunch/ dinner. Fry the same diced red potatoes with onions, breakfast.

If you slice potatoes like coins and fry them, they're often called home fries and considered a breakfast food. However, if you slice them like coins and boil them, it's considered a dinner food

It all seems arbitrary to me.

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