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Stories from the Road: Forgetting How Paper Maps Work

For my travels, I use GPS a lot, but I also carry a Rand-McNally atlas with me. I like to know what is around me, as well as the point A to point B direction.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were traveling in central Kentucky towards home in North Carolina. We had lunch and then, seeing the time, we decided that while we wanted to stay on the back roads as much as we could, but we needed to be more intentional in our direction towards the Southeast.

Now, we are looking at the atlas on the Kentucky page and, gosh darn it, the print was too small to see the route number on the page.

So, I tried to do what I would normally do on Google maps - placed my two fingers on the map and tried to zoom in.

Except, you can't do that with a paper map, can you?

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