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Stories from the Road: An Oasis of Music

It's Tuesday morning following the Memorial Day weekend, a time when people are getting refocused on their every day tasks.

For me, the day's jobs are transporting fleet vehicles around the Lake Norman area to have service work done at various dealerships. Not the most exciting work, but the payments for these add up.

Normally, I leave these vehicles and at a later day, me or someone else returns to move the vehicle back to storage. However, the second job on this day's docket is a quick recall that would take 15 minutes or so. So, I decided to wait it out and return it myself.

The dealership is a Chevy/ Cadillac place with the waiting room on the Cadillac side.

Now, most waiting rooms have uncomfortable plastic seats or cushioned ones that have metal arm rests to keep you from taking a nap. The TVs usually have broadcasts of CNN or Fox News, depending on the political leanings of the owners, with big signs that emphatically tell you DO NOT CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Vending machines that take quarters are there to further fleece the poor souls that are having their vehicle worked on. Vending machines that serve 12 oz. cans of Coke for $2 or cheese and peanut butter crackers that were stocked back in 1988 or Twix that have long melted from the machine facing the sun.

However, the Cadillac waiting has leather seats and fresh made cookies - in this case chocolate chunk cookies and some sort of black and white marshmallow thing - and coffee and some sort of lime water. I didn't get to the TV side, but for all I know they were showing first-run movies. This was truly a first-rate experience.

As I surveyed the joint, I saw something I've never seen at an dealership - a grand piano! And it is sitting on a very nice Oriental rug.

I think to myself, should I play it? (I do play, you know.) Looking around, I thought, why not? I did think to ask the receptionist if she wouldn't mind if I played - the last thing I wanted to do was to make her job answering the phone more difficult. Her response to my query: I would love for you to play.

So, in the midst of a Cadillac dealership, I held a brief concert while people went about their day.

The playlist: 1) some melodic thing I wrote almost 40 years ago 2) The Heart of Worship 3) Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens version).

I'd like to think that I provided some sort of respite for the showroom workers and fellow car waitees. Perhaps, I irritated more than soothed, who knows. But for me, in the midst of a day that will take me to and fro, it provided an oasis - a very unexpected and undeliberate oasis - that I gladly drank from.

The song "The Heart of Worship" was especially poignant at the time I played it, as that is what my soul gave to God at that moment. "Longing just to bring something that's of worth that will bless Your heart."

And now, I resume my day.

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