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Grub on the Road Food Friday: Miami Fusion Cafe, Denver, NC

First, a little bit about the food, then what really impressed me about this place.

Small, strip mall setting with 9 tables inside and a couple more outside, the decorations pay homage to Miami, as well as Cuba, with street signs such as Hialeah, Ocean and SW 8th St, a clipping of snow in Miami back in 1977, and other Miami knickknacks, the place has a bright, almost tropical look to it. The slogan is "A Little 305 in the 704." With a collection of mostly Cuban dishes, as well as Nicaraguan, they did just that.

My wife and I tried several things off the menu. The mariquitas - green plantain chips - were an ok appetizer but the garlic cilantro dipping sauce had a nice flavor and bite to it.


Entrees come served with traditional black beans and rice, all wonderful.

My wife had the "Masitas de Puercos Fritas", which is chunks of fried pork, not unlike carnitas. The crispiness of the pork and the marinade, moist pork underneath the crispy layer, and the grilled onion was a marvelous combination.

Masitas de Puercos Fritas, black beans and rice

I went with the Palomilla steak, a thin sirloin, almost skirt steak like, that had good flavor with the onions.

Palomilla steak with grilled onions, black beans and rice

Oh, and get the buttered Cuban bread, really excellent for soaking up the last bit of liquid from the black beans.

Closed out the meal with the Cortadito, a Cuban coffee with steamed milk. Think it would've been nice with a dessert, but I was already stuffed.


As delicious as the food was, I can't say enough good things about the folks working there, especially a gentleman by the name of Gus, who made sure that everything was to our satisfaction. Was possibly the owner, and this appeared to be family owned and operated. It's the type of restaurant that should be supported.

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