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Giles County Covered Bridges: Standing Against Time

In the state of Virginia, only six covered bridges remain standing. Two of them are about five minutes apart along state route 601 near Newport, Va. in Giles County. Both span Sinking Creek

The Sinking Creek Bridge, also known as the Clover Hollow Covered Bridge, was built in 1916. A new cement structure was built nearby in 1949. A walkway of commemorative bricks was begun in the late 90s.

The Link Farm Covered Bridge was built in 1912 and still sits on private land. There is a small parking area for people that wish to view and cross the bridge. While my wife and I were there, a gentleman crossed the bridge on a tractor and wanted to be sure we were not bothered. An old abandoned house sat to the left of the bridge itself.

If you're along I-81 near Christiansburg, it's about a 25 minute drive up US 460 West from the interstate. Definitely worth a visit to see a step back in time

Sinking Creek or Clover Hollow Covered Bridge, Newport, VA

Link Farm Covered Bridge

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