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Around the Block: Lavonia, GA at Sunset

Located near I-85 in NE Georgia between Atlanta and Greenville, SC, Lavonia grew around a railroad stop along the Elberton-Air Line in the late 19th century. Founded in 1878, the town was named for Lavonia Hammond Jones (1827-1909) the wife of a railroad official John Henry Jones, who served on the Confederate side in the Civil War.

The town expanded with the cotton trade, as well as textiles and grain mills. White Lily and White Rose Flour was produced here until 1986.

My travels here was near sunset on a Friday evening and centered about a block around Main Street. The multi-colored storefronts along Main Street were curtained by trees planted along the sidewalk. Murals around town gave a glimpse of the history of the place. Painted signs, some sun bleached, that hawked the wares of the time are till present.

It was a quiet evening for a Friday with the restaurants beginning the process of closing for the day.

Here is a snapshot of the hour I spent in the area.

Along Georgia Hwy 59 near Lavonia, GA

Historic Railroad Depot, currently Lavonia Welcome Center

Lavonia First Baptist Church

Weldon Memorial Park

Four Seasons mural, painted by Larry Hudson

Former Lavonia Motor Company

Downtown fountain

Formerly Lavonia Flour and Feed Store

Cherokee Days

Majestic Eagle sculpture erected 2021

Remembering former businesses of the area

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