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Around the Block: Floyd, VA

To be honest, when I looked up a place to see live music on a Friday night, I had looked for a traditional bluegrass setting in a slow, kinda sleepy town.

There is a lot of that old traditional sound and the feel of the old ways here. There is Floyd Country Store, which hosts the Friday Night Jamboree of gospel, followed by bluegrass and dancing. Outside the store were other bands along the sidewalk picking a tune. But a walk around the block of the county courthouse showed there's so much more than the traditional.

There is a bit of a hippie, counter culture vibe in the town, as evident by the Republic of Floyd shop and the Cocoa Mia chocolate store. The Floyd Community Market hosts an artisan market, as well as a traditional farmer's market throughout the summer and fall months. Other music groups, outside of bluegrass, also play in the town throughout the year.

I spent only a couple of hours there, but I'd like to go back.

There once was a doctor named Freud, who explored the human brain's inner noise, the patients enjoyed the technique he employed, when he let their minds journey to Floyd

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